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Enjoy a Healthy Life!
Step 3. Give Recognition

Enjoy a Healthy Life! includes colorful items that can be used to recognize participants for completion of conversation topics. These items include a wallet card for each conversation topic, printable merit badges (they make great stickers), and a certificate of achievement that can be personalized.

These awards and recognition items can be used as a Celebration of Health. Hosts are encouraged to present each group member with a card, badge, or certificate for participating in the conversations. Feel free to make this as ceremonial as you like. A blessing or applause may make this more meaningful. Make it feel fun and like a celebration.

Merit badges

Enjoy a Healthy Life! has a colorful merit badge for each conversation topic. They are available in full-page formats designed for printing on sticker label sheets for laser printers, such Avery #22807 or similar. PDF

Sticker label sheet


Heart Attack stickers
Stroke stickers
Nurse or Doctor stickers
Medication stickers
Healthy Life stickers


Wallet cards

Enjoy a Healthy Life! has a colorful wallet card for each conversation topic. Print on card stock on a laser printer or at an office supply store. PDF

"The wallet cards were a hit!"
– Community center conversation host


Healthy Life wallet cards









Personalize with the participant’s name and the date completed. Microsoft Word 2007


Healthy Life certificate