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Enjoy a Healthy Life! Conversation Merit Badges

Use these merit badges to pass it on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. Click on the image you want to share then select your social media option.

Recognize group members

Recognize group members for participating in conversations by sending them an Enjoy a Healthy Life! merit badge for each completed conversation.

  • Add a note such as “Congratulations on participating in the “Protect Yourself: Know the Signs of a Stroke”. Pass it on! Share what you discussed with others so they too can Enjoy a Healthy Life!

Promote your conversations

Promote your upcoming Enjoy a Healthy Life! conversation. Add details about your meeting such as:

  • Join us for Enjoy a Healthy Life! Conversations for Health on Friday, August 1, 11:00am, ground floor common room, we will host a group discussion on Protect Yourself: Know the Signs of a Heart Attack


I know the signs of a heart attack badge
I know the signs of a stroke badge
I see my nurse or doctor badge
I take my medications badge
I enjoy a healthy life badge