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Spark a conversation about health and how to enjoy a healthy life

Enjoy a Healthy Life! is a series of guided conversations about taking care of your health. These conversations are short, fun, and energizing. Small groups discuss important health messages without the fear and anxiety that sometimes goes with talking about health concerns. The program uses a conversational approach, simple materials, and a merit recognition program. Everything you need to start conversations about heart health is here—free and ready to go.

The opportunity to converse in a group setting with others that they knew and felt safe to share similar wellness and illness experiences with was powerful!
- Conversation host at a community center




4 Easy Steps to Enjoy a Healthy Life!

Enjoy a Healthy Life 4 Steps Come Together Discuss Rewards Pass it On


Step 1: Come Together

Gather your family, friends, and neighbors, whether it be through a book club, coffee klatch, exercise group, or existing meeting. Anyone can benefit from having a conversation about health and how to enjoy a healthy life. Step 1>

Step 2: Discuss

If your group meets regularly, Enjoy a Healthy Life! works well as a topic or agenda item. It also works as a special event. Everything you need is right here. Pick and choose which conversations would be most important to your group. Step 2>

Step 3: Give Recognition


Easily replicated certificates, stickers, and wallet cards reinforce knowledge gained as a result of the conversation and help participants become more activated with their own health needs. Step 3>

Step 4: Pass It On


Keep the conversation moving forward by sharing what was learned with family, friends, and the community. Share the Enjoy a Healthy Life! conversation via Pinterest and Twitter. Step 4>


The goal of Enjoy a Healthy Life! is to empower older adults (65+) to take a more active role in their health. Older adults who feel that they are in charge of their health and health care are more likely to follow through with wellness programs, take needed medications as intended, and visit their doctor. These actions lead to living healthier and more active lives.


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Have a conversation

The Enjoy a Healthy Life! program consists of five conversations that are facilitated by a volunteer host. Neither the host nor the participants are expected to have specialized health care expertise.

Current conversation topics are:

  • Protect Yourself: Know the Signs of a Heart Attack
  • Protect Yourself: Know the Signs of Stroke
  • Protect Yourself: See Your Nurse or Doctor
  • Protect Yourself: Take Your Medications
  • Enjoy a Healthy Life!

The conversations are ideal for use at senior centers, churches, service organizations (Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc.), women’s groups, men’s groups, wellness centers, and book clubs. They can be used as the central focus for a meeting or as agenda items for an established meeting.

Free download of materials

All materials for Enjoy a Healthy Life! are available for free download from this website.

Please use the links in the left-hand sidebar to access download materials.