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Enjoy a Healthy Life!
Step 1. Come Together - Host a Group

Come together

Gather your family, friends, and neighbors or look for places you already meet: a book club, coffee klatch, exercise group or existing meeting- set up in a way that anyone can benefit from just having a conversation.

Be a volunteer host

Anyone can be a volunteer host. It's easier than you think! You do not need to be a medical expert. In fact, you'll find it easier to host a conversation if you're not a medical expert. All you have to do is bring your group together, print the free and ready-to-go materials, and encourage each person to share their stories, thoughts, and questions. The Enjoy a Healthy Life! materials are aids to stimulate conversation and sharing. The volunteer host's main role is to encourage the participants to have conversations and share information about health topics.

How to Host Enjoy a Healthy Life! conversations

This guide will help you host conversations.

After discussing the signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, one conversation group decided to take collective action by reducing their salt, fat and sugary drink intake, knowing their "numbers" and watching their weight.
- Community center group







Promote your upcoming Enjoy a Healthy Life! conversations

Invite guests to your discussion using social media. Use the merit badges and add details about your meeting such as:

  • Join us for Enjoy a Healthy Life! Conversations for Health on Friday, August 1, 11:00am, ground floor common room, we will host a group discussion on Protect Yourself: Know the Signs of a Heart Attack

Download poster. This letter-sized poster is suitable for bulletin boards, pew bulletins, etc.

Enjoy Healthy Life poster