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Take Your MedicationTake Your Medication badge

Medications help you feel better only if you take them as your nurse or doctor told you. If you stop taking medications suddenly, you could get very sick.

1. Come together

Bring together any group of people who might benefit from participating in a conversation about maintaining health and enjoying a healthy life. Review How to Host Enjoy a Healthy Life! Conversations for helpful ideas.

2. Have a conversation

Use this two-page document to get people talking. It covers what you need to know, why knowing matters, and how to take action.

One woman looked at the day’s conversation page, Take your medications, and said “Oh, I forgot to take my medication this morning. I’ll take it when I get home.”

Medication conversation topic

Helpful pictures

Use these pictures to help explain health problems listed in the conversation documents.

Figure who forgot to get a refillForgot to take medication
or get a refill

Figure feeling sick from medicationMedication makes you sick

Medication equals dollar signsMedication too expensive










3. Recognition

Who doesn't like to be recognized or to receive an award? Recognize participants by giving them a sticker/merit badge, wallet card or certificate. How to Host Enjoy a Healthy Life! has helpful ideas for how to use them.

Take Your Medication stickersSticker label sheet

Take Your Medication wallet cardsWallet card sheet

Healthy Life certificateCertificate







Social media recognition badges are available too. Award people by sending them a merit badge through email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media.

4. Pass it on

Keep the conversation going by encouraging people in your group to talk to others about what they've discussed. Share the health e-messages so they can choose messages to share with family and friends.

Download all materials for this conversation topic.