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Enjoy a Healthy Life!
Step 4. Pass It On

Share the Enjoy a Healthy Life program with others

One participant expressed concern for a friend who lives alone and has a large amount of prescription medication from her hospital and rehabilitation center that she does not use. The group offered ideas on how to deal with her friend’s stockpile of medications.

Know others who might like to host a program like this with older adults? Send an email to share the Enjoy a Healthy Life! program.  

Pass it on!

Keep the conversation going by prompting your participants to share what was learned with family, friends, and their community. Have them show off their sticker merit badges, wallet cards, and certificates.

Take your group’s photo and post it to your Facebook page. You might do this after the first conversation and invite others to talk about how to enjoy a healthy life.

Get social

Pass it on using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media to share health messages from the discussions or promote further discussion using each conversation’s merit badge and health e-messages. Click on the image you want to share then select your social media option.

  • Post these health messages to your organization’s social media channels.
  • Recognize group members for participating in conversations by sending them an Enjoy a Healthy Life! merit badge for each completed conversation.
  • Encourage your group to share the health messages they discussed with friends, family, and people they meet by resharing your posts or creating their own posts.
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