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Data & Analytic Services

Our analytic staff has strong backgrounds in epidemiology, applied research, and biostatistics, as well as experience with data collection and analysis, data security, data management, and reporting. Stratis Health provides data and analytic services to support health care quality improvement and patient safety. Examples of our analytic service offerings include:

Data Analysis

  • Analyze large, datasets (including beneficiary-level claims datasets), and develop high-level summaries, aggregate rates, and trend reports of results customized for individuals or respondents that are actionable for improving quality. These reports include the national, state, and participant group benchmark comparisons to motivate improvement and allow individual facilities to monitor progress of their rates over time.
  • Clean and validate data; subset; concatenate, merge, and link datasets.
  • Serve as a neutral party to combine, analyze, and report aggregate data from a variety of sources or entities not able to share confidential data with each other.
  • Complete statistical analysis to identify meaningful or significant results. 
  • Create maps (e.g. provider locations, rates of care or counts by county or city).


  • Advise providers and consumers on collecting and using valid and reliable data for quality assurance and improvement.
  • Consult with clients and stakeholders to develop measures that assess performance. 
  • Assist provider organizations to complete data abstraction and submit data for public reporting. Provide training on data collection from medical records, developing tools for data collection, and interpreting data collection guidelines. 
  • Train professionals on data collection and measurement in health care: data design, data collection, interpretation, and presentation of outcomes/results in quality improvement. Present to a variety of audiences with a range of knowledge levels and expertise in different fields and settings. 

Applied Research

  • Work with clients to develop quality improvement projects, research questions, hypotheses, and study design methodology feasible to implement in a health care setting. 
  • Research topic areas and create summary reports (e.g. crosswalks of guidelines or criteria). 
  • Complete critical literature reviews and summaries.


  • Design surveys independently and in consultation with clients using established survey methodology.
  • Implement paper and Web-based surveys, including tracking survey results and manage databases to provide reminder emails and follow-up surveys. 
  • Analyze results from surveys, including linking results to other data sources for analysis, and develop customized reports. 
  • Coordinate larger-scale surveys with funders, including multiple agencies. 

Stratis Health fully understands data privacy and confidentiality requirements. Data security is a high priority for Stratis Health. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in connection with the receipt and storage of electronic data. Compliance with secure data management is documented in a Stratis Health Security Management Plan.

Stratis Health has an extensive Confidentiality and Disclosure Policy based on applicable Social Security Act, Code of Federal Regulations, and QIO Manual citations.

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