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Expertise & Services

Working to advance quality since the 1970s, Stratis Health has the expertise and experience to provide a wide array of health care improvement services. Our work ranges in impact from individual clinicians and patients to whole organizations and communities both in Minnesota and on the national level. We are well integrated with the Minnesota health care community, positioning us well to improve health care quality and patient safety locally and state-wide. We also work regionally and nationally. Stratis Health has a strong record of performance for all of our contracts and grants. We collaborate with state and national leaders and build coalitions of providers and partners to facilitate improvements for people and communities.


Stratis Health has great depth of knowledge and expertise in improving quality and patient safety. Areas of particular strength are listed below.

Quality improvement

Using our quality improvement experience and expertise, Stratis Health helps health care provider organizations achieve improvement in both clinical and non-clinical areas. We help providers translate evidence-based research and guidelines into practices, tailoring information by setting, community and population. We work to further prevention and wellness, and to foster safe and person-centered care. Stratis Health has continuously held the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality improvement organization (QIO) contract in Minnesota since the inception of the program.

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Patient safety

Quality patient care goes far beyond clinical care. Stratis Health works on organizational and community change management that improves patient safety. As an active member of the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety, we work to support its goal to develop a statewide model for a “Just Culture,” which is a culture in health care organizations that recognizes humans make errors, yet should be held accountable for at-risk and reckless behaviors. Other patient safety work includes:

  • Assessing and improving safety culture in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Integrating patient safety-related technology
  • Training and supporting root cause analysis and corrective action plans when adverse events occur
  • Clinical safety improvement, in such areas as surgical care and MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

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Health information technology

We provide both technical assistance and support to providers who are assessing and adopting health information technology (HIT). Stratis Health has taken on statewide leadership roles to inform policy and programs, including leadership roles with the Minnesota e-Health Initiative.

Stratis Health serves as an unbiased consultant, guiding health care organizations through change management for electronic health record (EHR) implementation. We assist them in preparing for, selecting, implementing, and effectively using HIT, with the aim of improving the quality and safety of patient care. Stratis Health helps organizations improve access to patient information, clinical decision-making support, and reference data to measure performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and track progress. We help health care facilities use EHR tools for patient self-management and preventive care, and to build chronic care management systems.

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Stratis Health has a long record of success in reducing health disparities among communities of color and underserved populations. Our disparities reduction efforts include projects with specific populations and targeted clinical conditions, improving health literacy throughout the community, and increasing the cultural competency and effectiveness of health care providers serving culturally diverse populations.

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Rural health

Rural communities face different health care challenges than their metropolitan counterparts, a point that is especially relevant in a large rural state like Minnesota. Stratis Health knows the rural community and has led rural health quality work, both in Minnesota and nationally, aimed at improving rural care delivery. Projects have included work in patient safety, palliative care, health information exchange, and transitions of care, and providing technical assistance to Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) nationally.

We work closely with the National Rural Health Association, the Rural Health Resource Center, and other key partners locally and nationally to assist critical access hospitals and other rural health care providers in addressing their unique challenges and opportunities.

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Long-term care

Stratis Health supports long-term care, working to improve both the quality of life and quality of care for people who have a chronic illness or disability. We work with long -term care providers, whether they are delivering care in the home, in the community, in assisted living, or in nursing homes.

Working with state leaders and a statewide coalition of providers and partners, Stratis Health is at the forefront of a movement to encourage a shift in nursing homes from the traditional institutional model of care to person-centered care, including convening the Minnesota Culture Change Coalition. Stratis Health has intensely supported more than 60 Minnesota home health agencies and more than 50 Minnesota nursing homes on clinical and organizational improvement.

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Stratis Health serves the health care community and consumers by offering a range of health care quality improvement technical assistance, measurement, and evaluation services, including:

  • Quality improvement. Our work is grounded in evidence-based quality improvement and our staff members are trained in TeamSTEPPS, Six Sigma, and other quality improvement tools. We provide technical assistance on a wide range of topics and can identify opportunities for improvement, measure current practice, determine goals for change, implement changes in practice, and evaluate results. Specific services include:
  • Change management. We lead organizations and communities through the steps of change management, whether its for adopting HIT or organizational culture
  • Data and analysis. Stratis Health has analytic expertise and experience working across all settings of care. We offer analytic services for data analysis such as trending health care outcomes, analytic consulting such as developing appropriate quality measures, applied research, and evaluation/assessment including survey development and analysis. More on data and analysis >
  • Education and training. We create and collect concise, evidence-based, and actionable tools, training, and resources for quality improvement on a wide range of topics. More on education and training >
  • Facilitation. As a private, independent organization, we bring together diverse provider and community groups that have shared goals and agendas around quality and safety, and are skilled at helping groups reach consensus and take action.
  • Program and project management. Our staff has a variety of health care backgrounds and have years of experiences successfully leading quality improvement programs and projects, on time and within budget.
  • Expert opinions. We understand health care quality improvement and can offer insights to policy makers and translate policy into action

To support this work, Stratis Health has a staff of approximately 60 professionals that possesses strong applied research and clinical experience and expertise in continuous quality improvement theory and implementation, biostatistics, data analysis, data management, medical record abstraction, coding, health education, project management, health informatics, and communications.

Contact Stratis Health for assistance with your quality improvement and patient safety needs.

If your organization has projects it would like to work on, contact us to discuss how we can work together to support your initiatives.