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Rural Palliative Care - Patient and Family Education

End of Life: Helping With Comfort and Care. This National Institute on Aging booklet was created to help people make sound health care decisions and get the care they would want for themselves or their family members. Available online or order up to 10 free hard copies via the Institutes' Web site or by call 800-222-2225. (68-page PDF) provides clear, comprehensive palliative care information for people coping with serious, complex illness. Key components of the site include a Palliative Care Directory of Hospitals, a definition of palliative care, and a detailed description of what palliative care is and how it is different from hospice. It also provides an interactive questionnaire to assist people in determining whether palliative care is appropriate for them or their loved-ones. Provided by the Center to Advance Palliative Care.

Palliative Care: The Relief You Need When You’re Experiencing the Symptoms of Serious Illness. This brochure explores palliative care's many benefits and answers common questions. It explains how palliative care aims to ease distressing symptoms, such as pain, breathing difficulties, sleep problems and nausea, when you have a serious illness. You can receive palliative care at the same time you're receiving treatments for your primary illness. Palliative care may significantly improve quality of life for patients with chronic as well as terminal conditions. To receive a free copy by mail, or to order brochures, email or call National Institute of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research at 301-496-0207. (16-page PDF)

Palliative Doctors is a consumer Web site that explains the specialty of hospice and palliative medicine and its benefits to patients and families. Developed by American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, the Web site:

  • Highlights palliative medicine and its broader role in helping patients with all types of serious illness
  • Provides information on how to find a hospice and palliative medicine specialist
  • Includes links to various hospice and palliative care resources and related sites