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Quality Improvement Basics

Stratis Health produced a series of recorded Webinars on the basics of quality improvement. These sessions allow provider organizations to hone a specific quality improvement skill set, orient new staff, or offer in-service workshops for teams.

Quality Improvement Basics. Understand the importance of the Institute of Medicine's six overarching aims for improvement in health care, identify three foundations of quality improvement, and describe a quality improvement framework. It is built around the six Institute of Medicine aims and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement model for improvement. Upon completion of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the six overarching aims for improvement in health care
  • Identify three foundations of quality improvement
  • Describe a quality improvement framework

Presented by Stratis Health. (45-minute webinar) Handout (13-page PDF)

Data & Measurement 101. Effectively utilizing data and measurements is one of the key foundations to successful improvement efforts. Yet for many it can also be one of the more challenging areas of managing our quality and performance improvement initiatives. This training helps you:

  • Learn how to effectively utilize data and measurements for successful improvement efforts
  • Discover key measurement principles.
  • Apply suggestions and tips on how to effectively use data as part of your care improvement efforts

Presented by Stratis Health. (75-minute webinar)

Data 102: Building for Excellence. This session goes into greater depth in the area of data and measurement. It will help you:

  • Better utilize results published in medical reports and journals by learning about statistical significance, using confidence intervals and p-values.
  • Describe at a high level the associations between variables, examples of correlation, simple regression, and 2-by-2 tables.
  • Explain the importance of collecting data over time using run charts and/or control charts.
  • Explain the distinction between statistical significance and practical significance.

Presented by Trista Johnson, who has a PhD in Epidemiology and former director of Patient Safety and Quality Systems Improvement for Allina Hospital and Clinics. (60-minute webinar) Handout (26-page PDF)

Change Management. In our clinical work, we rely on evidence-based research to improve our clinical practice, but we know change doesn’t just happen. Jennifer Lundblad walks you through organizational change and development so you can:

  • Understand organizational change: models and research
  • Apply the models and research
  • Describe the role of culture in organizational change
  • Use force field analysis as a tool in leading and managing change

Presented by Jennifer Lundblad, Stratish Health president and CEO. (30-minute webinar)

Effective QI Meeting Management and Facilitation for Nursing Homes. Effective meeting management and facilitation is essential for a successful quality improvement meeting. This session will provide your teams with:

  • The basics of effective meeting management and facilitation
  • Methods to overcoming common facilitation challenges
  • Examples of agendas for nursing home quality improvement meetings
  • Resources and tools

Presented by Jennifer Lundblad, Stratis Health president and CEO, and Kelly O’Neill, Stratis Health program manager

Facilitating Group Agreement. Facilitation is a critical resource in developing group effectiveness and successes. Meetings often take up a fair amount of our days and making the most of this time and getting input and information from our team members is invaluable. Through this session you will:

  • Recognize the definition, function and responsibility for facilitation
  • Learn the components of successful facilitation, including group purpose, adequate resources, clear roles, and clear, appropriate processes, and communication
  • Prepare for facilitation challenges and gain strategies to overcome them.

Presented by Olivia Mastery, an experienced facilitator who regularly consults with health care, long term care, supportive services and public service entities to identify, reach agreement on, and implement common goals. (45-minute webinar)

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