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Quality Improvement Basics

This QI Basics course is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to start quality improvement projects at their facilities. The course may be completed in sequence or individual modules and tools may be used for stand-alone training and review.

Quality Improvement Templates and Tools


5 Whys Worksheet (3-page Word doc)


Communication Plan (3-page Word doc)


Data Collection Plan (3-page Word doc)


Force Field Analysis (5-page Word doc)


Measure Collection and Monitoring Plan (3-page Word doc)


PDSA Worksheet (8-page Word doc)


PICK Prioritization Matrix (5-page Word doc)


Project Charter (3-page Word doc)


Team Roles and Responsibilities (5-page Word doc)


Work Plan (3-page Word doc)

Quality Improvement Basics Course: Overview

Describes each of the modules and related learning objectives that make up the QI Basics course.

Quality Improvement Modules Overview (9-minute video)

Quality Improvement Modules Overview (8-page PDF)

Quality Improvement Foundational Concepts

Defines quality improvement in the context of health care including how to identify and prioritize potential projects.

Quality Improvement Foundational Concepts (33-minute video)

Quality Improvement Foundational Concepts (17-page PDF)

Module Resources

Team Concepts

Underscores the importance of teamwork in driving quality improvement, including desired qualities and qualifications of team members, as well as team roles and responsibilities.

Team Concepts (17-minute video)

Team Concepts (12-page PDF)

Module Resources

Communication and Facilitation

Covers concepts to help improve the communication and understanding within a team through the use of the shared mental model, standards of effective communication, and conflict resolution techniques.

Communication and Facilitation (15-minute video)

Communication and Facilitation (11-page PDF)

Module Resources

Change Management Basics

Considers the impact of change on quality improvement work from both an individual and an organizational perspective.

Change Management Basics (11-minute video)

Change Management Basics (8-page PDF)

Change Management Models and Tools

Reviews popular change management models and tools, including:

  • Organizational Equilibrium and the Force Field tool
  • The Eight Steps to Change
  • The SWITCH Model – Lessons from a Change Analogy

Change Management Models and Tools (17-minute video)

Change Management Models and Tools (12-page PDF)

Module Resources

The Model for Improvement and PDSA

Focuses on The Model for Improvement as a quality improvement framework and using the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) tool to complete rapid-cycle tests of change.

The Model for Improvement and PDSA (30-minute video)

The Model for Improvement and PDSA (18-page PDF)

Module Resources

Process Mapping

Guides the creation of step-by-step process maps to help teams understand how processes are executed and identify opportunities for improvement.

Process Mapping (25-minute video)

Process Mapping (15-page PDF)

Data Basics and Data Collection

Explores methods of data collection, including how to select or create appropriate measures, both quantitative and qualitative.

Data Basics and Data Collection (20-minute video)

Data Basics and Data Collection (12-page PDF)

Module Resources

Data Analysis and Data Display Methods

Reviews data analysis techniques and considers options for visualizing data with charts, graphs, and tables.

Data Analysis and Data Display Methods (18-minute video)

Data Analysis and Data Display Methods (10-page PDF)

Pulling it all Together

Brings together the many lessons from all the previous modules and resources by telling a Quality Improvement story using a "real world" example.

Pulling it all Together (46-minute video)

Pulling it all Together (24-page PDF)

Playlist of all videos