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Medicare Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization

Implementing national health care quality prioritieslocally

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has set the following priorities for health care quality improvement to be implemented by its Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) program, from August 2014 through July 2019:

  • Improving cardiac health and reducing cardiac health care disparities
  • Reducing disparities in diabetes care
  • Improving prevention coordination through health information technology
  • Reducing health care associated infections in hospitals
  • Reducing health care acquired conditions in nursing homes
  • Improving the coordination of care between health care settings
  • Improving quality through performance-based incentives and reporting programs

The QIN-QIO program helps CMS implement key elements of the Department of Health and Human Services' National Quality Strategy and federal health reform efforts. To achieve national quality goals, QINs work in partnership with patients, providers, and practioners across organizations and care settings.

Quality improvement in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Stratis Health (Minnesota), MPRO (Michigan), and MetaStar (Wisconsin) form a Quality Innovation Network for the three states. Each serves as an independent, locally integrated field teams for their state by improving health quality at the community level. Stratis Health is the prime contractor with CMS, and MetaStar and MPRO serve as subcontractors.

Stratis Health and its partners focus on innovation spread. We support and convene providers, practitioners, and patients in statewide learning and action networks to build and share knowledge, spread best practices, and achieve rapid, wide-scale improvement. Our work supports CMS' value based purchasing programs with expert technical assistance to providers that includes sharing best practices, assisting with data analysis, and conducting improvement activities.

Together, these three organizations work collaboratively to improve health care for Medicare beneficiaries, share best practices, and maximize programmatic efficiencies.

Local Contacts

For more information about the Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network and the initiatives in each of its member states, please contact one of these partners:

Lake Superior Quality Innovation Network

Mary Lou Haider, IDIQ Director, Stratis Health, 952-853-8536


Jackie Rosenblatt, State Director, MPRO, 248-465-1018

Scott Turske, Communications Director, MPRO, 248-465-7375


Kim McCoy, State Director, Stratis Health, 952-853-8563

Deb McKinley, Communications Director, Stratis Health, 952-853-8576


Jay Gold, State Director, MetaStar, 608-441-8232

Elizabeth Menzer, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, MetaStar, 608-274-1940

Stratis Health achieves QIN-QIO program goals in Minnesota

Stratis Health is uniquely positioned to effectively and efficiently meet the goals of the Medicare QIN-QIO program in Minnesota. We are well integrated with the Minnesota health care community, with long-standing and strong provider and partner relationships. We have great depth of knowledge and expertise in improving quality and patient safety, have a strong record of performance for all of our contracts and grants, and have continuously held the QIO contract in Minnesota since the inception of the program in the 1970s. Stratis Health staff possess strong applied research and clinical experience and expertise in continuous quality improvement theory and implementation, biostatistics, data analysis, data management, medical record abstraction, health education, project management, health informatics, and communications.