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National patient safety qiosc

Stratis Health, as a subcontractor to the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality (OFMQ), jointly served as the national Patient Safety Quality Improvement Organization Support Center (QIOSC), 2008-2011.  Stratis Health developed and offered tools, resources, training, and support for quality improvement organizations (QIOs) to work with hospitals and nursing homes on clinical areas, e.g., pressure ulcers and physical restraints, and organizational leadership and team-building. OFMQ approached Stratis Health because of its experience and expertise in patient safety, systems improvement, and nursing home improvement.

National Patient Safety Initiative, 2008-2011

The aim of the patient safety theme of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services was to promote two priorities: 1) value-driven health care and 2) health disparities as they pertain to patient safety in the Medicare population. The work emphasized evidence-based and cost-effective care processes proven to prevent and/or slow the progression of disease. Work toward these goals affected health care programs, products, policies, practices, and community norms, and will also produce higher quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries and significant cost savings to the Medicare Trust Fund. 

The Patient Safety QIOSC served as:

  1. Strategic management and clinical experts to assist QIOs in the development and refinement, implementation, evaluation, and promotion of QIO interventions related to the 9th SOW patient safety components.
  2. Experts in the development and implementation of national initiatives that effectively produce results.
  3. Strategists for early identification of problematic issues, root cause analysis, and development of solutions for patient safety challenges.
  4. Leaders of excellence collaborating with national experts.
  5. Experts in data collection and analysis related to the components included in the patient safety theme, including but not limited to, measures required for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.