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Action Plan to Improve Minnesotans’ Health Literacy Released

Published Friday, March 4, 2016

A broad coalition of Minnesota health organizations recently released the Minnesota Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy, which identifies six priorities to improve health literacy throughout the state. Stratis Health, along with 42 other organizations signed on as co-sponsors of the plan.

The plan is the result of a six-month process to engage dozens of stakeholders statewide in conversations about barriers to health literacy and possible solutions. Co-sponsors included insurers, providers, patient advocacy groups, and other health organizations.

Stratis Health, along with the 42 other co-sponsoring organizations has formally committed to implementing two to three strategies identified in the plan within their own organizations. The organizations will reconvene during Health Literacy Month in October 2016 to discuss implementation efforts and opportunities to further collaborate. An executive summary of the plan.