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Stratis Health Announces New Board Members – Mark Holder, Ruby Schoen, and John Selstad

Published Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Mark Holder, Ruby Schoen, and John Selstad were elected to the board of directors of Stratis Health, a Bloomington-based nonprofit organization that leads collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety, and serves as a trusted expert in facilitating improvement for people and communities.

The three new members bring a combination of clinical experience and innovative thinking to meeting the needs of health and care delivery. They bring particular strengths in the areas of aging well, long-term care, connecting all aspects of care, and health care workforce.

Mark HolderMark Holder, MD, is a family medicine physician and founder of Mperial Health. He also is executive director of New Americans Alliance for Development, an organization committed to supporting foreign-trained physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals in the U.S. Dr. Holder excels in urgent- and emergency care-focused environments, although he prefers wellbeing to be the aim of medical care. Mperial Health provides patient-centered care through customized medical services and health service memberships.

Ruby SchoenRuby Schoen, APRN, CNP, is medical director and geriatric long-term care nurse practitioner at Genevive. She has worked across the care continuum with the geriatric population for more than two decades. Her interests include healthy aging, functional health, chronic condition management, palliative care, and end-of-life planning. Ms. Schoen serves as advisor to CareChoice Cooperative, Metro Alliance of Geriatric Providers, and the Minnesota Association of Geriatrics Inspired Clinicians.

John Selstad John Selstad is the former director of systems development and integration for the Aging and Adult Services Division, and Minnesota Board on Aging, within the Minnesota Department of Human Services. He has been involved with community-based, long-term care, and aging services since 1980, with a special focus on integrating services with the medical care of seniors. Mr. Selstad also serves on Stratis Health’s Community Outreach Committee and the board of directors for the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging and Stevens Square Foundation.

The new board members’ three-year terms of service run January 2019 through December 2021. Outgoing board members Donna Anderson and Mary Jo Kreitzer each served six years on the board of directors. The Stratis Health Board of Directors currently has 18 members, and includes diverse representation of physician and nurse leadership, health system and health plan leadership, business sector expertise, academic and research representation, and consumer perspectives.