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Thank You To everyone who is fighting to keep us well, works with
the public and cannot stay home, and provides services to us. You are making lives better.

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Stratis Health Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Published Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Supporting our Funders and Health Care Communities

Stratis Health’s quality improvement work has pivoted to address the national COVID-19 crisis. We’re working with our funders to best use our programs, resources, and relationships in redirected ways to support health care organizations in addressing the pandemic.

Convening to problem solve

Stratis Health is bringing together health care organizations, leaders, and clinicians to share approaches to address COVID-related challenges in numerous ways, including:

  • In response to community needs to address cross-setting communication and learning, we launched a weekly “Regional COVID-19 Virtual Open Forum” in our Medicare Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) role, as part of Superior Health Quality Alliance. Providers across the care continuum come together on these calls for information and tools not available through setting specific sources.
  • Our existing Virtual Health Group, of Minnesota health system telehealth directors, is meeting with increased frequency to discuss strategies around the new telehealth guidelines and approaches during the pandemic.
  • CHI St. Gabriel’s Health, in partnership with Minnesota Department of Human Services and Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, is hosting a twice weekly COVID-19 virtual learning for rural providers using Project ECHO, rescoping a project funded through Stratis Health’s Building Healthier Communities program.

Sensemaking and information sharing

Stratis Health is keeping health care organizations informed about resources and policy changes by disseminating and translating federal agency guidance on topics like telehealth and quality reporting. We’re finding answers to provider questions and directing people to the best available resources. Working with our federal agency partners, we’ve been mobilized to distribute national messages to our extensive Minnesota and national health care provider networks. We’re also keeping agency partners informed of the issues our providers are experiencing.

Developing resources to fill gaps

Stratis Health is developing COVID-related resources when gaps are identified, such as the recorded webinar Combating Resident Social Isolation Using People, Processes and Technology for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, in our QIN-QIO role as part of Superior Health Quality Alliance.

Some of Stratis Health’s non-crisis quality improvement work continues with the many health care professionals not engaged on the frontline of this emergency.