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Health Plan Performance Improvement Project: Chlamydia Screening for Women

Four health plans–Blue Plus, Health Partners, Medica , and UCare–launched the Chlamydia Screening for Women initiative in early 2013. Interventions include working with providers to support efforts to increase Chlamydia screening rates in the clinical setting, supporting the Minnesota Chlamydia Partnership, and collaborating with key organizations to implement goals and strategies outlined in the Minnesota Chlamydia Strategy to raise Chlamydia screening across Minnesota.

Resources for care coordinators and providers

Chlamydia Screening Provider Toolkit. Tools to increase chlamydia screening rates in your practice. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, HealthPartners, Medica, UCare. (20-page PDF)

Webinar: Adolescents and STDs: A Call to Action for Providers and Health Plans. A webinar with strategies for payers and providers to improve youth screening and treatment. Hosted by the NIHCM Foundation and the National Chlamydia Coalition. Recorded July 24, 2013. (92-minute webinar)

Webinar: Fall Update: Chlamydia Screening…..Stories from The field. A webinar with strategies for clinics on how to improve their chlamydia screening rates. Clinics from urban and rural settings will share their experience, barriers, success, advice and tips to other clinics related to this work. Recorded November 3, 2013. (48-minute audio file)

Webinar: Increase Chlamydia Screening: Tools and Resources for Maximum Impact. A webinar for health care providers, nurses, clinic administration, public health, health educators, social workers, school health staff, youth workers, and anyone who interacts with youth. Recorded April 15, 2013. (52-minute webinar)

Webinar: Teen Friendly Clinics and Minor Consent. A webinar that focuses on ensuring your clinic is youth friendly by helping teens feel safe and comfortable in seeking services. Includes updated knowledge of Minnesota’s minor consent laws. Recorded October 29, 2013. (45-minute webinar)

Contact information

For more information on how your organization and Stratis Health can work together, please contact Karla Weng, program manager, 952-853-8570.