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Rural Emergency Department Transfer Communication - Resources

These resources help rural hospitals implement the emergency department (ED) transfer communication measure, which is included in the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP).

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ED Transfer Communication Resources

Data Specifications Manual for Emergency Department Transfer Communication Measure. Detailed data specifications for collection of the EDTC measure, which provide a means of assessing how well key patient information is communicated from an ED to any health care facility.

  • Data Specifications Manual. Incorporates changes to nurse-nurse communication measure element. (51-page PDF) Updated June 2017
  • Data Collection FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions related to data collection for the EDTC Measure (4-page PDF) Updated June 2017

Audio overview:

  • EDTC Data Specifications Overview. A guided audio overview of all the data elements in the EDTC measure Data Specifications Manual. We recommend having the manual open to follow along. (22-minute audio file) Transcript (7-page PDF)

Data Collection Tool for Emergency Department Transfer Communication Measure. An Excel-based data collection tool for EDTC data collection.

  • READ FIRST. A guide to the most important information to know about the data collection tool, plus some troubleshooting tips. Read this before using the tool. (4-page PDF) Updated March 2016
  • Data Collection Tool. (1-worksheet Excel spreadsheet)
  • Data Collection Tool Manual. This manual is designed to assist critical access hospitals (CAH) in their ED Transfer Communication measures data collection and reporting using an Excel-based data collection tool. (27-page PDF)

Training video:

Using the Tool for MBQIP Reporting. The EDTC Excel-based data collection tool can be used to gather data to submit for reporting to programs such as MBQIP. Instructions on how to identify the numerator and denominator on the report for MBQIP submission as well as options for producing a report that can be sent to your Flex Coordinator are included. The tool itself should NOT be emailed because once data is entered it contains PHI. (7-page PDF)

Quality Improvement Toolkit

Quality Improvement Toolkit for Emergency Department Transfer Communication Measure. To support hospitals in improving EDTC, this toolkit includes an overview of the quality improvement process and how it can be applied, as well as tools and resources that can be adapted to support the transfer of critical patient information from the ED to other care settings. (17-page PDF)

Individual Toolkit Sections:

Principles of Care Transitions from the Emergency Department (6-page PDF)

  • Care Transitions and the Emergency Department Overview
  • American College of Emergency Physicians Care Transition Task Force Recommendations
  • Safe Transfers and Hand-offs: Emergency Department Principles

Developing an Action Plan  (9-page PDF)

  • Quality Improvement Basics
  • Establishing a Team
  • Developing an Action Plan
  • Implementing an Action Plan

Sample Checklists, Logs, and Transfer Forms (4-page PDF)

Additional Resources (5-page PDF)