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Health Care Providers

Stratis Health focuses on building continuous quality improvement across the health system in Minnesota as well as regionally and nationally—working with hospitals, primary care clinics, nursing homes, and home health agencies. To effectively and successfully achieve sustainable change, we work closely with many partners and advisors, including health plans, trade and professional associations, disease advocacy groups, state agencies, and others.

Quality improvement/performance improvement strategies

Using our quality improvement experience and expertise, Stratis Health helps health care provider organizations achieve improvement in both clinical and non-clinical areas. We help providers translate evidence-based research and guidelines into practices, tailoring information by setting, community and population. We work to further prevention and wellness, and to foster safe and person-centered care. Our quality improvement strategies include:

Measuring and reporting performance. Measurement helps providers to identify opportunities for improvement, to track the progress of their changes, and to compare their performance against others, to guide data-driven decision-making and action. Reporting allows for data transparency that is critical for health care providers to benchmark themselves, as well as for consumers to make informed decisions about their health care options. Performance and quality improvement initiatives should be based on a clear understanding of how your organization is performing. Understanding and analyzing process and outcome measures helps providers to identify opportunities for improvement, to track the progress of their changes, and to compare their performance against others. More on data measurement and reporting >

Adopting and effectively using technology. Research suggests that technologies such as electronic health records, computerized physician order entry systems, medication bar codes, and telehealth technologies are tools to improve care, reduce medical errors, and assist providers in making appropriate point-of-care decisions. More on HIT >

Redesigning care processes. We assist the health care community in placing patients at the center of their own care, focusing on systems that support the delivery of evidence-based care. We help provider organizations to understand their workflow through such tools as process mapping and design, identifying strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Changing organizational cultures. Clinical practice is embedded in organizational culture, and broader organizational improvement initiatives can support improve quality and safety and make them more sustainable. We work with provider organizations to foster leadership and communication that supports quality, and empowers individuals and teams to continuously improve care. More on organizational change >

Settings of care

In each setting of care, we offer resources and support to provider organizations generally, while also working working closely with smaller groups of provider organizations and individually with organizations.

Stratis Health helps identify evidence-based best practices in health care processes and procedures and works with the health care providers to adapt and adopt these practices to improve care for all of their patients. For example, we work with:

  • Clinics to help them effectively use electronic health records so they can easily identity potential harmful drug interactions and be reminded of when specific medical tests and screenings are needed
  • Home health agencies to increase early monitoring of new clients coming from hospital stays, so they will not need to be re-hospitalized
  • Hospice centers to help providers identify patients who could most benefit from a hospice referral, and to recognize opportunities to encourage patient/provider conversations about hospice or other end of life care earlier in a patient’s treatment.
  • Hospitals to improve their assessment, prevention, and treatment strategies for pressure ulcers; to make their surgical care processes safer; and to improve discharge planning to enable better care transitions and coordination
  • Nursing homes to help them change from institutional facilities to places that can truly be called home for the people who live there by improving both quality of life and quality of care


Effective QI Meeting Management and Facilitation for Nursing Homes. Presented by Jennifer P. Lundblad, PhD, MBA, president and CEO Stratis Health and Kelly M. O'Neill, RN, BSN, MPA; program manager Stratis Health. (47-minute webinar)

Quality Improvement Basics. Stratis Health produced a series of recorded quality improvement Webinars that provider organizations can use to hone a specific quality improvement skill set, orient new staff, or as in-service workshops for teams. Topics include:

  • Quality Improvement Basics
  • Data and Measurement 101 and 102
  • Change Management
  • Facilitating Group Agreement

Contact Stratis Health for assistance with your quality improvement and patient safety needs.

If your organization has performance and/or quality improvement projects it would like to work on, contact us to discuss how we can work together to support these initiatives.