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Quality Update - Health care quality issues for Minnesota's health care leaders

Quality Update Fall 2019

Stratis Health publishes the Quality Update Newsletter twice a year. The electronic publication is an update on health care quality topics and issues for Minnesota's health care leaders. In this publication we aim to provide Minnesota thought leaders with news, issues, and perspectives on health care quality and patient safety.

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This Issue

Converging on Improved Care for People with Serious Illness
The Stratis Health team is cheering the convergence of interest and activity in improving care for those with serious illness. Perspective from Jennifer P. Lundblad, Stratis Health President and CEO.

The Genevive Family Conference: Supporting Patients with Serious Illnesses  
The family conference is an important part of this geriatric medical practice and care management organization’s philosophy. This engagement has been shown to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. Perspective from Ruby Schoen, Stratis Health board member and Medical Director and Geriatric Long-term Care Nurse Practitioner at Genevive.

How National Leaders Are Approaching Chronic Conditions
Leaders across the country are working on approaches to address the growing issue of chronic conditions, including diagnosing obesity, developing cultures focused on person-centered care, and using patient data—such as preferences and social factors—to develop care plans and interventions.

Multiple Chronic Conditions Require Us to Restructure Health Care Delivery
Caring for individuals with multiple chronic conditions will require fundamental changes to our health care system. Perspective from Jane Pederson, Chief Medical Quality Officer, Stratis Health.

New Serious Illness Coalition Launching in Minnesota
The Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care and Stratis Health announced a joint commitment to launch a new Minnesota serious illness coalition.

Looking at the Numbers: Medicare Beneficiaries with Multiple Chronic Conditions
A 2017 snapshot of Medicare FFS data for multiple chronic conditions shows that Minnesota beneficiaries have lower rates of multiple chronic conditions than the national average, while carrying a significant disease burden.

Latest News on the Medicare Quality Program
Stratis Health will be reaching out to health care organizations and other stakeholders to participate in and support quality improvement initiatives through the five-year Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization program kicked off in November. A clinician quality improvement initiative is planned for 2020.

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