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Stratis Health, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, is a nonprofit organization that leads collaboration and innovation in health care quality and safety, and serves as a trusted expert in facilitating improvement for people and communities. Stratis Health envisions a health care system that supports an informed, activated consumer and competent, satisfied health care professionals working in settings that promote optimum care and reduce chance of error. Our objectives are to help health care providers understand and integrate quality improvement and safety into their work, and to support Medicare and all health care consumers in their quest for health education and quality information.

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Stratis Health receives its funding from federal and state government contracts, foundation and corporate grants, and health system projects. The organization chooses to pursue grants and contracts that help it advance its mission and health information technology goals.

The Stratis Health staff of approximately 50 professionals possesses strong applied research and clinical experience, and expertise in project management, biostatistics and data analysis, data management, continuous quality improvement theory and implementation, medical record abstraction, coding, health education, and communications.

The organization has served Minnesota as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for over 40 years, working to achieve national quality goals locally.

MAPS logoThe Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS), a subsidiary of Stratis Health, is a statewide patient safety coalition, with more than 100 organizations. MAPS works to achieve its mission of safe care everywhere by engaging patients, providers, and the community for better, safer health care across the continuum.

Stratis Health is proud to support health care quality and patient safety, working with peers, partners, and stakeholders in advancing our agenda.

Our roles in shaping health care quality

Stratis Health activates our mission by serving consumers and the health care community in six unique ways.

  • Quality improvement expert and clearinghouse: We create and collect concise, evidence-based, and actionable tools and resources for quality improvement on a wide range of topics.
  • Educator and trainer: We develop and offer training sessions and conferences, on our own and with many partners across the state.
  • Consultant and supporter: We bring quality improvement expertise to organizations to help identify opportunities for improvement, measure current practice, determine goals for change, implement changes in practice, and evaluate results.
  • Facilitator and convener: As a private, independent organization, Stratis Health can bring together diverse provider and community groups that have shared goals and agendas around quality and safety.
  • Data resource: We advise providers and consumers on collecting and using valid, reliable data for quality assurance and improvement. Stratis Health also helps provider organizations submit data for public reporting.
  • Consumer resource: Stratis Health provides health education and information to health care consumers to help them more wisely navigate the health care system.

The story of Stratis Health

In 1971, a group of physicians started a Foundation for Health Care Evaluation (FHCE) to assure quality health care for patients. Over time, the organization's focus shifted from assuring quality (by looking back and reviewing care) to improving it (by looking ahead and working collaboratively with providers). In 1997, FHCE merged with the Health Outcomes Institute to become Stratis Health, a quality improvement organization working with providers and consumers to improve health care.


Stratis Health is firmly committed to accountability and transparency.

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